“Wayfinding” encompasses the ways
 in which people orient themselves in
 physical space to navigate from place
 to place. ~ Wikipedia

Creative Director
David Deai was born and educated in the United States. His experience in design spans over 20 years, and his work adorns some of the most luxurious hotels in the world.

Starting his career with UCI, (Urano Communication International) in Honolulu, Hawaii, David began designing for Hawaiiˇ¦s hospitaltiy industry - resort hotels, a golf club, and swimming pool murals and graphics.

Moving to Hong Kong in 1995, David joined Arzate International, which later became VADI (Victor Arzate Design International) in 1998. As Design Director and Manager of the Hong Kong office, David built the company into a leading design firm in Asia. His recent design directing accomplishements include The Peninsula hotels in Tokyo and Shanghai, Mandarin Oriental hotels in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Beijing, as well as the first Waldorf Astoria hotel in China. Over the years, David has also worked with international hotel operators such as Hyatt, Sheraton, W Hotels, Hilton, InterContinental, Ritz-Carlton, and Marriott.

Managing Director
Born in Hong Kong, and educated in the United States, Kelly Deai has worked with the top management in a variety of companies doing business in China and the Pac Rim Area. Her experience ranges from business development for the GuangDong Winnerway Group, to sales and marketing for Columbia Tristar /Sony Pictures Entertainment, and ESPN International.